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Biography: Duccio Castelli

Duccio Castelli was born in Milano, Italy - 31 December 1945, where he has resided most of his life (and still lives), except for a number of years spent in South America, plus various periods of time spent in France and Great Britain. Poet, writer and jazz musician. If the concept of being a 'professional' were to have a decisive significance, in the case of this artist this would be difficult. Castelli in fact, strictly speaking is not, since his official profession is managing director of a company (tags don't count after all).

Driven by an irresistible impulse he began writing poetry at the age of ten.
Salvatore Quasimodo, friend of family friends, read his poems with interest, commenting that in most cases writing poetry as a child does not necessarily lead to being a poet later in life.
Castelli is silent until the age of fifteen, when he definitely finds his poetic vein and has practically not stopped since then.
At the age of 17, Castelli writes his first novel entitled, "Una ragazza per quattro mesi" (A Girlfriend for 4 Months) which tells of a juvenile love story, set in an imaginary town on the outskirts of New York City. This novel is read by Italo Calvino, who gives a positive response, together with invaluable advice.
During the early years of his life, being an introvert Castelli writes for his personal satisfaction, keeping much to himself and in order to avoid eventual delusion, shies away from any form of literary contest. Reaching the age of 30 Castelli's works are read by an affirmed author, Pier Angelo Soldini (who at that time was collaborating with a well-known Publisher in
Milan) who intends to publish a selection of his poems.
But then, Soldini's series terminates and very unfortunately he unexpectedly dies. Castelli is shocked and deeply saddened, reverting back to the habit of writing only for himself.. for another twenty years.
Castelli's need to communicate artistically is party gratified through playing the trombone, which takes him as a jazz musician and singer to different corners of the world. This activity brings him to keep hiding away in a drawer his further poetry and prose. At the age of 50 a transformation occurs and Castelli takes the opportunity of having his first book published (Emigranza - Published by G. Miano): a collection of poems written over different periods of his life. At the same time, he also becomes more engaged in studying and improving his musical capabilities.
Castelli then enters his true dimension, which still continues.
Success includes:
Publications made by the prestigious Editor Scheiwiller;
Official recognition and sponsorship by the 'Istituto Italiano di Cultura'
in Santiago del Chile, for his book "Amolore" in the Italian-Spanish version;
Frequent exchange of artistic correspondence with the great musician, poet and singer, Paolo Conte;
A profound personal exchange of musical and poetic feelings with the great film Director, Pupi Avati;
Today it is possible to find Duccio Castelli accompanied by his Jazz Band "Duccio Swingers" at a Festival, in a jazz club, or during a performance of jazz combined with poetry entitled "Jazzpo".
In the 2009 multi awarded movie ESCAPE AL SILENCIO, by the Chilean Director
Diego Pequeno, Castelli plays an important role, both on the screen and in the
production, by collaborating and supplying many documents gathered after having
spent a lot of time with Alfredo Espinoza, during some important moments of hislife.
(click Google: "escape al silencio")

The most recent book (Published by Delta Ed.) entitled "Fermoposta Paradiso"
may turn out to be his masterpiece, especially considering that an unusual synergy is taking place between the book and the relevant website (www.fermopostaparadiso.it ; www.Poboxparadise.it).