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To Federico Fellini

Only now I start considering you, Maestro Federico.
I always suspected that Film-making were the highest potential of Art. Precisely so.

And thus, therefore, even Leonardo would have made - I Believe – great films, most certainly wondrous, pastoral.
And I of you, master of life, sometimes end up having to explain your Art to friends and relatives, since they doubt it and err between platitudes and guilty shortcomings.

So I say to them: It is so! That’s the way it is.
As it slyly appeared from the very beginning.
A message that is not intended for mind changers, for second hour critics or for the Proci of Ithaca.

I now like to think, and say, that you were extending your hand towards me and holding mine the other evening, amongst friends. Your hand was yours and at the same time it was the hand of others. Fellini’s hand, Bix’s hand and also De Franco’s hand. There is no difference, as you know.

And you know it too, my new and unexpected friend.
Implacable? Implacables.