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To Paul Newman.

Dear Paul Newman,
You have a great responsibility in me being a Jazz trombonist, with your movie Paris Blues where you were one and even played with Armstrong!

You also hold responsibilities with me wearing a bracelet on my right wrist, the one of the coulisse of the trombone (always due to the movie Paris Blues).
And furthermore in my pretending to be you, in my basking in my one-wife life -  this year we celebrate our fortieth – even if in this case Paris Blues doesn’t have anything to do with it, but you and Joanne yes. And with your love for car racing, despite the fact that  you beat me first  by racing longer than me and, then, by racing when you were more decrepit than me.

I always looked at you as an older brother, better in everything. A bit like the great McQueen, poor him, that left us so soon.
He also was a good racing driver, but a bit makeshift, very much alike James Dean.

Amongst the actors that dabbled behind the wheel you were certainly the best, a real racing driver, a professional.
You also did a lot of good, I heard, and we all could read it in those eyes. Very easily.
I would say that you certainly are there.
Thank you for the good memories.